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First Filipino in UAE to Receive Parkinson’s Disease Treatment in King’s college hospital london dubai

Nowadays, all eyes are on the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) as it continues to rampage and claim the lives of hundreds and thousands of people all over the world. However COVID-19 isn’t the only deadly disease that many people deal with every day. There are also those considered as silent killers such as Parkinson’s Disease, which affects the brain of its victim.

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King's College Hospital London (Dubai Hills)

15th December 2020

Parkinson’s Disease

This is a note to express my profound gratitude and convey my sincere thanks for what you have done in controlling my Parkinson’s  disease. I came to you about 8 months ago after having consulted and treated by 3 eminent Neurologists. I came with no hopes as my condition was worsening rapidly even though I was taking 11 tablets round the clock! After a thorough clinical assessment, you changes my medication while questioning the rationale of many medicines that I had been prescribed earlier and was taking regularly

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Dr. Lt Col A Ravikumar

Professor, Director, Head of Clinical Services - ENT

Parkinson’s Disease

Being diagnosed with Young Onset Parkinson’s, I’ve been to several medical institutions and visited many Doctors. Although King’s College Hospital Dubai had referred me to King’s College Hospital in London; while preparing for my travel to UK, I received great news that Dr. Vinod Metta shall be visiting King’s College Hospital Dubai and an appointment was booked for me.

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King's College Hospital London (Dubai Hills)

Regulatory Affairs and Quality Assurance at Al Rashideen Group

Parkinson’s Disease

Greetings from the heart i send you the greetings of the father, Abdhullah Darwish Al-Shehhi, and we inform you that we are continuing to take the treatment according  to the timing and dose specified for us. Praise be to god there is a noticeable change in the parent’s tremors, stiffness, We are  grateful my father in your hand better and better, praise be to God for the best and the best. We wish God a complete recovery and wellness for all. With many thanks and appreciation to you and for your interest and do not forget the father’s heartfelt greetings and peace be, trust upon you and thank you, Doctor Alshehhi.

Dr. Alshehhi

21st August 2020

Parkinson’s Disease

Thank you so much for today Dr Mehta really appreciates all your help and attention. My mom was able to walk out to be discharged and is home now eating dinner.

Patient Review

20th July 2020

Parkinson’s Disease

This is Dr. Jeehan from Dubai
We met at kings college hospital when you visited my dad for his jerk movement of the legs. We remember every day he is doing excellent no jerky movement no pain thanks.

Dr. Jeehan

15th August 2020

Parkinson’s Disease

An immense token of appreciation from the same patient’s son that was delivered  in
person this morning! We left a piece of you. Our joy is immeasurable


28th Aug 2020

Parkinson’s Disease

Thank you so much for your prompt reply. We are seeing improvements in dad everyday since 5th August when we started giving dad all the medication you prescribed. We genuinely can’t thank you enough for all your guidance and care, and phenomenal knowledge and gift in being able to help people the way you do. God bless you, we will future update you in a week with another success story to  add to your repertoire!

Ms. Soliman

5th August 2020

“ A New Lease of Life” for a patient with APD who badly hit by Covid who was on holiday in Dubai been admitted to several hospitals in Dubai, now back in London enjoying her quality of life

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